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Ken S. Polk, The Meat Locker Studio, Music Mixes and Music Producer, Recording

About Us


Ken S. Polk is a multi-Emmy Award winning and Academy Nominated Rerecording Mixer, Sound Designer and Sound Supervisor in both the Film and Television industries as well as an Award winning music Producer, engineer and mixer.


A graduate with Honors from the UCLA School of Motion Picture-Television, he has been an accomplished creator in the sound and music business for facilities such as Warner Bros, Skywalker Sound, and Glen Glenn/Todd AO. His credits and work on theatrical feature films, Documentaries, television series and mini-series, as well as music projects having garnered numerous nominations and awards that span many years, with extensive feature credits ranging from “The Untouchables” to “Juno”, from “Akeelah and the Bee” to “The Hills Have Eyes”.

Ken is a member of the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,  (AMPAS), the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS),  

The  Recording Academy (NARAS), and the Cinema Audio Society (CAS).

"Starting out as both a musician/songwriter, and being involved in the sound end of the entertainment industry for more than two thirds of my life, I've always been fascinated and drawn to creating and making stories, emotions, and feelings come to life through the use of sound. Whether it's music and the mix of a song or score, or the design, mix and placement of sounds in a film or television project  - the use, as well as how these sound elements are used and melded together can create a completely different emotional experience for the viewer or listener.

To help a Director, Producer or Artist achieve their vision of a project -THAT has always been a challenge and a powerful attraction for me - and even more so, to hopefully bump up that overall experience and end result far above what was ever envisioned. 

- For me, it's like playing with a giant chemistry set - and it's getting bigger all the time - how cool is THAT ?!! " 

   Ken S. Polk


     Past & Present Clients  Include:            

  • Warner Bros
  • Netflix
  • Paramount
  • Fox Searchlight
  • Anonymous Content
  • Weinstein Company
  • PBS/American Masters
  • Skywalker Sound
  • Glen Glenn Sound
  • Todd AO
  • Wildfire Post
  • Zoetrope Studios/Coppola
  • MGM
  • Deluxe -Chace Audio
  • Lionsgate Films
  • Anchor Bay
  • New Line Cinema
  • Lakeshore
  • Playtone
  • Cineson Productions
  • Mercury Sound
  • Smart Post Sound
  • Monkeyland Audio
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Alfonso Cuaron
  • Jonathan Lynn
  • Nevaldine/Taylor
  • Andy Garcia
  • Joel Silver
  • Craig Gillespie
  • Jonathan Hensleigh
  • Jason Reitman
  • Noah Baumbach
  • Steven Caple
  • Alex Aja
  • Rob Zombie
  • Steven Kay
  • Chuck Roven
  • Brian Robbins
  • Michael Mann
  • Wolfgang Peterson
  • Brian De Palma
  • Betty Thomas
  • John Sayles
  • David Anspaugh
  • John Carpenter
  • Bob Shay
  • Bill Duke

"Ken, thank you  and your partner in crime Demetri once again, for the huge effort on "The Ice Road".  You went above and beyond the call of duty - I appreciate it greatly and won't forget. Let's do it again in the future!"

Jonathan Hensleigh - Writer/Director, "The Ice Road", " Kill the Irishman", "Jumanji"

"Ken, your work and artistic excellence is beyond words! My deepest appreciation and friendship." 

Andy Garcia - Director/Producer/Actor/Musician 

"Ken, What WONDERFUL SOUND !! Thanks SO much, man !!! "

Jeff Bridges - Actor/Producer/Musician

"Wow!  The mix is awesome! Your work is  amazing -it's such a new way of listening and I love it !!

 John Cassavetes Theatre in Thessaloniki Greece was a great place to hear your Sound Design Ken! Thank-you!!

Susan Kucera  -  Multi-Awarding Winning Documentary Film Maker,  Jeff Bridges Film Collaborator

"Ken is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to telling a story through sound. He handles every project he touches with surgical precision. He is a master craftsman, a problem solver, a good listener and advisor. He is a patient teacher to new filmmakers and a seasoned veteran able to rumble with the big boys. If you are working with Ken it probably means you are creating something truly unique together. So soak it all in and know you're in good hands!"

Brett Hinton - Supervising Sound Editor

"Ken, The "HILLS" ROCKS with Sound !! Thanks!!!" 

Alexandre Aja - Director/Writer, "The Hills Have Eyes"

"It was great to watch the movie through the eyes of unsuspecting audience members! ...GREAT reactions .... sounded super immersive... The Sound Design on the movie is so damn good, sounds GREAT no matter where it's played !!" 

Ryan Oksenberg -Writer/Director

"Ken, GREAT times at  Th' Meat Locker Studio! - The mix is amazing - thank you for all your hard work!!  Can't wait for the next one!"

Donavon Warren - Director/Producer

"The X Factor  was our Mixer and Sound Designer, Ken S Polk...

Since the film is so dependent on music, rhythm, percussion, and dialogue, a Sound Designer on his level could and did, make all the difference. "

Matt Hagerty - Writer /Director

"Ken, Thanks for making Akeelah sound so sweet !  Many thanks ! 

 Doug Atchison - Director/Writer, "Akeelah and the Bee"

"I have learned so much from you. Thank you for sharing your talent and gift with me."

Bill Duke - Director/Actor

"Ken is an A-List Audio Mixer who doesn't have attitude. He adds significant value, artistic and commercial, to any project he works on."

John Orland - Post Production Producer/Supervisor

"Ken, thank you so much for Producing and engineering "Living The Northern Summer"...I really enjoyed our time together.. You did an AMAZING job and added so much to my life!!"

Jim Chappell - Composer /Recording Artist

"Our film sounds GREAT, which is one of the reasons I think audiences are going to love it!!"

Tim Gagliardo - Director/Producer

"Ken, Thanks for "surrounding" us with GREAT Dialog!"

Michael Tronick - Feature Film Picture Editor

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