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Th' Meat Locker Studio and Ken S. Polk offer a complete array of services for Post Production Sound, as well as Music Production, recording and mixing needs - ranging from sound editing, recording, mixing and Printmastering, to complete Post Sound and Music Packages.

Th' Meat Locker Studio is the perfect solution and "off the Lot" interface for both mid-to-larger Studio projects and smaller Independent tighter-budget endeavors. The Studio is Dolby consultant tuned and designed to translate excellently in 7.1, 5.1, and Stereo formats in all large theaters and rerecording Stages, as well as Television and Web streaming formats, with "plug and play" capability for Final Mixing and Printmastering at most larger Studio "Lot" facilities. 

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Mixing and
Post Production   Sound Packaging

  • Mixing and Final Printmastering 

  • Temp Mixes

  • Predubbing, Mixing and Pro Tools Session Prep in all formats, including Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and Atmos-ready

  • Complete Post Sound Packages, including Sound Editorial, Design, ADR and Foley, predubbing to Final Mix and Printmastering 

  • Packages can include Final mix and/or playback and Printmaster interfaced with choice of  several large "Lot" Stages or theater locations

Sound Design and
Sound Editing

  • Dialog, Fx, Music and Foley Editorial and preparation for mix

  • Sound Design in all formats 

  • Pre-dubbing for Final mix

  • Preparation and output of all Post sound Deliverable files and format versions

  • Services above can also be included as part of Post Sound Package and mix


Music Production and Mixing

  • Music Mixdowns and Editorial for CD Mastering and iTunes distribution

  • Score and Music Mixdowns for Film, Television, Web, in all formats including Stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and Atmos-ready tracks 

  • Overdubs of electric instruments and vocals, as well as Voiceover/Narration

  • Complete Production and Mixing Packages, including pre-production and  tracking studio/s, Producing mixdowns and Mastering


 Have an interesting and "challenging" Film, TV, or Music project ?
 -Let's Talk !! 

Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment
Th' Meat Locker Studio is a fully equiped  facility both for Film and Television Post Production Sound mixing and  Sound Design, as well as Music mix downs, overdubs and mastering.
The 5.1 monitors and room are Dolby consultant tuned to translate excellently in large studio and theatrical settings, as well as  for Television , Web streaming, DVD, and  CD Music Mastering in Stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 formats.

Equipment includes:

  • 40 fader Avid Icon control surface console, with dual 26" monitors

  • 12 core Mac Pro with current Pro Tools Ultimate HDX version installed 

  • Large Screen HD independent Pro Tools Video Satellite projection 

  • Full 5.1/7.1 JBL  6328 Series Monitors with JBL LSR 6312 Subwoofer

  • RSL CG Series near-field  Stereo monitoring 

  • Dolby Atmos Local Renderer  Suite, for 7.1 and Atmos mix prep

  • Full  array of AAX plugins from Avid, Waves, McDSP, Izotope, Dolby, Antares, Penteo, Exponential Audio/PhoenixVerb, Cedar, Air, IK Media, Nugen/Halo, Liquid Sonics, Brainworx and Blue Cat, etc.

  • Extensive FX and Foley Libraries 

  • Analog rack equipment for music production/mixes including units from Lexicon, DBX, DigiTech, Rolland, Yamaha, Symmetric , Cedar and Oberheim Electronics

  • Large selection of microphones for overdubbing and voice over use, from AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Audio Technica, Royer, Behringer,  MXL , Sanken and  Studio Projects

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